Sarajevo Fashion Film Festival offers fresh and colourful views of the innovative world of fashion and film. The fusion of the work of creative professionals in the fashion, film and advertising industry is recognized around the world. The focus is on the symbiosis between fashion and film on which will show a diverse selection of fashion films, advertising films, music videos and short documentaries.

Attracting domestic and world-class talent, fashion festival is a haven for many professionals in the film industry, fashion photographers, designers, stylists, models, artists and many others. This is a unique opportunity for fashion enthusiasts to make friends, connect , expand their horizons and opportunities, both in B&H and worldwide. 

Winner of SFFF 2018 Best Fashion Film “EUROPA II"
by Imanol Ruiz de Lara 
All participants will have the opportunity to participate in a series of exciting events at which the top professionals are able to share their experiences and knowledge. The panel will hold interesting lectures and discussions that enrich and develop the art form. Open to all who may be interested,
SFFF is one of the hottest fashion events in the region.
Winner of SFFF 2017 “Best Fashion Film & Best Cinematography” “The Alphabet of Ben Sirach Lilith by Jana Nedzvetkaya
Winner of SFFF 2016 for Best Fashion Film “The Good Italian 2"
by Emanuele Di Bacco


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